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Hi! I'm Travis.

I’ve been in the fitness space since 1997.  Starting at a young age in the back room of my father’s home grew a passion for throwing around weights.  I’ve studied nutrition and fitness in junior college and have trained in many disciplines including bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, high intensity training, Crossfit, yoga, calisthenics, martial arts and bouldering.  

I worked on my associates degree in Kinesiology in Portland before moving to Sacramento.  I then moved to San Diego while I served and lived in Alaska for a time before finally arriving back home.  My wife and I have 4 kids with another on the way, horses, dogs, cats, fish and chickens…. so far.  I know what it’s like to be a busy body and I’m committed to getting in the best shape of my life moving into my 40’s, and I hope you join me in doing the same.

Truth is, I’m not an expert and will never claim to be.  I just have a passion for helping others achieve the results that I have.  I’m in my garage here and I know what it’s like to have little time for staying healthy with kids, school, work and so many activities that fill up the day to day routine.  This isn’t a site where you pay for programs and nutrition advice.  Everything I have for you is free information geared toward helping you achieve results.  


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What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

I'm consistently developing nutrition videos and articles for those of you who need some guidance when it comes to the hardest part of staying in shape.... Nutrition