Fitness Programs

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A little bit of everything.  Join me in my beginner 8  week program where no day is the same.  We mix in Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Calisthenics, Strength Training and more to keep the body guessing.  If you like variety, check out this program.

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Give it a chance.  Those that haven’t done yoga before, typically think it’s where a bunch of people get together and move funny.  Lots of isometric holds and mobility poses that will get you flexible while getting in shape.  If you’re looking for longevity, yoga is the key to keeping the body young.

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The hardest, but most important aspect of getting in shape is controlling what we put in our bodies.  For me, nutrition isn’t only about eating proper meals, but it’s about developing habits that allow us to control cravings.  Get started with nutritional advice in my blog as well as my social media, where I drop nutritional advice and recipes weekly.